Helping business leaders become

the leader God designed them to be

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CBMC’s Peer Advisory Group ministry is for business leaders who desire to lead their business according to Biblical principles and become part of a community with other like minded leaders in their geographic area.

Our Distinctives:

  • We focus on the “whole person”
  • We help business leaders live as “Marketplace Ambassadors”
  • We have a Great Commission focus
  • Serving leaders in the marketplace for over 80 years

What is a peer advisory group?

  • It’s a unique environment where 8-12 non-competing business leaders meet monthly to grow as business leaders, without neglecting their family and community responsibilities.
  • It’s led by a trained Facilitator with a seasoned business background and solid spiritual maturity.
  • The long term objective is to help businesses lead their business according to Biblical principles, build a business of excellence and become engaged in the Great Commission.
  • It creates an environment of confidentiality, trust, friendship, mutual support and long term accountability….like having your own personal board of advisors.

Do I belong in a peer advisory group?

  • Are you a senior business leader (i.e. chief executive, chief operating officer, president or business owner)?
  • Do you have a tendency to lead your company alone and feel in isolation?
  • Would you like a confidential place to share your business, personal and spiritual challenges and successes with other like-minded business leaders?
  • Would a regular exchange of best in business principles integrated with your spiritual values bring incremental value to your business?
  • Would a group of carefully selected peers committed to journey with you for the long run as you lead your business, family and serve your community be of value?
  • Are you lacking strategies to handle tough issues with employees, customers, vendors, and competitors that incorporate best in business principals integrated with a Christian work view.

If the answer is yes to many of these questions, you are likely a good fit.