Leadership Training

The Lord is showing us that there is a need to conduct more frequent but shorter CBMC Trusted Advisor Forum Facilitator Webinar Trainings. This initiative will serve our men best while providing CBMC National a strategically flexible response in support of rapidly initiating new city startups.  Over 160 CBMC leaders have enjoyed attending and deploying this training to equip CBMC towards Vision 650.



"It's always helpful to be reminded of the big picture vision when doing mission work. CBMC Training provides an inspiring and insightful mix of both strategic and tactical perspectives. I highly recommend it -- especially as a refresh!"
Scott Kuehl, President & CEO of NOR-SON


“The training I received helped me to understand the value of being a good listener and using appropriate questions to deepen the dialogue between men. I have participated in many types of men's bible studies and accountability groups that remain superficial. The training from CBMC has given me the tools to create a richer and more authentic environment for the men in my group. ”
Gerry Raubach, Tulsa, OK

We have videotaped a typical TAF live meeting so attendees can still enjoy a face to face training experience. Newly trained Facilitators will be equipped to lead God glorifying Trusted Advisor Forum meetings to carry the gospel into the marketplace.

Our 2020 CBMC TAF Facilitator Webinar trainings will be held:

July 16th noon- 3:30 pm central 

Oct 15th  noon - 3:30 pm central 

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